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Spatial Manager für GstarCAD - Neues Leben für Ihre Karten

Jetzt können endlich auch GstarCAD-Anwender mit GIS Daten arbeiten! Spatial Manager für GstarCAD macht das Tor für vielfältige Daten-Importe und -Exporte auf, damit auch komplexes Kartenmaterial mit GstarCAD bearbeitet, analysiert oder transformiert  werden kann.

Sehen Sie nachfolgend die umfangreiche Feature-Liste in englischer Sprache. Spatial-Manager Software steht in deutscher Sprache zur Verfügung:

  • General
    • Import/export spatial data into/from GstarCAD drawings
    • Publish to Google Earth
    • Search the location of geographic objects
    • Dynamic Background image Maps from Bing, OpenStreeMap, Mapbox, Ordnance Survey, NearMap, etc.
      • Configurable user Maps
        • XYZ / TMS, WMTS and WMS compatible
        • WMS multi-layer maps
        • Export/Import user Background Maps
      • Snapshots (geo-referenced GstarCAD Images) of the current Background Map
    • Terrains
      • From 3D Points selected in drawing
      • From a grid of 3D Points built by accessing Elevation service providers in any selected area
      • 2D or 3D Contours
        • Minor and major Contours
        • Contour labels
        • Layer Separation and different color models
        • Contours attached to a Data Table
      • Generation of three-dimensional Terrain models (using 3D Meshes or some other CAD/BIM objects)
      • Automatic projection and adjustment of the image of any Background Map (preset or user-configured) over one or more Terrains in the real location
    • Transformation of coordinates when importing, exporting, showing Background Maps, projecting Background Map images on Terrains, etc.
    • XDATA / Extended Entity Data (EED)
      • Data grid palette interactive and synchronized
        • Selecting entities and navigation tools in the grid
        • Editing data and columns
        • Columns sorting
        • Sorting data by column
        • Automatic column width adjustment
        • Direct export to CSV, TXT, etc.
        • Multi-table grid
      • Viewer palette
        • Also shows some other data as the Blocks properties (Name and Attributes), Layer, geometric properties, etc.
      • Edit values directly in the palette
      • Hyperlinks
      • Managing data structure
        • Define, modify, rename and delete tables and fields
        • Recover data table structures from the drawing entities
        • Attaching entities to a table
        • Detaching entities from their tables
      • Selecting entities by a simple or compound query over their data
        • Choose or search data from available values in the fields
      • Selecting the entities attached to a table
      • Zoom to the selected entities

  • Import processes
    • Entities imported into a new or open drawing
    • Raster and vector entities
    • Smart Batch import
    • Basic target layer or new target layers using a field value
    • Use blocks for points and centroids
      • Select the name of the Block according to the value of a field
      • Block insertion parameters from field values
    • Polygon fills and transparencies
      • Fill properties can be taken from fields values
    • Polygon centroids
    • Smart labeling of entities while importing
    • Spatial filter to import only the entities in the current view
    • Import polygons using "MPolygon" entities
    • Elevation and thickness from field values
    • Import data from tables as XDATA / Extended Entity Data (EED)
    • Speed up the processes skipping some wizard steps
    • Use the intuitive palette options or the quick import function
    • Save Tasks to replay the import processes so many times as desired

  • Export processes
    • Entities exported to geospatial files or servers
    • Export (Publish) the current status and style of the drawing to Google Earth (one click)
      • Raster and vector entities
    • Select the entities to be exported
    • Option to export also the data of the entities and choose it from what Table and Fields
    • Option to treat the closed polylines as polygons
    • Options to export the Handle, the Layer and the Elevation of the entities
    • Options to export the Name and the Attributes of the Block References as well as their Rotation and Scales
    • Options to export Text entities and their basic properties (Rotation and Height)
    • Options to export Hatch entities and their properties (Name, Angle, Scale, etc.)
    • Options to export the X/Y/Z coordinates, Length and Area of the entities
    • Automatic complex geometric operations
    • Filtering of incompatible entities
    • Option to open the exported file location directly

  • Data sources
    • Manage your own shortcuts
    • Access to spatial data files (SHP, GPX, KML/KMZ, OSM, PBF, LAS/LAZ, CSV, TXT, ASC, XYZ, MIF/MID, TAB, E00, SQLite, SDF, GML, XML, JPF, PNG, TIF, etc.)
    • Manage your User Data Sources
    • Access to spatial database servers (SQL Server, PostGIS, etc.)
      • Views and Tables
    • Access to other connections (WFS, ODBC points or WKB - Excel, Access, dBase,...-, etc.)
    • See current available Data Providers


- The access to spatial data servers and stores, the XDATA / Extended Entity Data (EED) and the Background Maps are available in the "Standard" and "Professional" editions only. The Data grid palette is available in the "Professional" edition only

- The complete Export capabilities are available in the "Professional" edition only, although "Export the current status of the drawing to Google Earth" is a function available in the "Standard" edition also

- The Tasks technology is available in the "Professional" edition only

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